VitaraCharts Release Notes

Release 3.7

Installation Guide

  • New Chart: Angular gauge.
  • Significant Waterfall Enhancements: chart now enables plot options based on individual metrics. Property editor displays list of metrics, each metric can be expanded to choose plot options for that metric.
  • New Plotlines support in line, area, sparkline, bar, column, stacked bar, stacked column, bullet, tornado, columnrange, slope, dumbbell, bubble and histogram charts.
  • Thresholds Enhancements: Added new target “Chart Background”, chart background can only be applied with plotline as a source.
  • Thresholds Enhancements: Plotlines can be used to create new thresholds using the applied plotlines as a source.
  • Added options to property editor to set line type , line width, line color in line chart.
  • Added options to property editor to set axis lines, gridlines in all charts.
  • Added chart name to version label in property editor.
  • Added option to set background color for KPI animation chart.
  • Added options to control spacing between bars in bar and column charts.
  • Added Bullet chart marker properties.
  • Added Mekko chart header label properties in property editor.
  • Grid Chart: Added thresholds for group elements.
  • Micro Chart: Added thresholds in Micro Chart for Line and Bar graph.
  • Grid Chart/Micro Chart: Added support for column level formatting.
  • Grid Chart/Micro Chart: Added option to update row Height for grouped and header rows.
  • Added Grid Chart Group Level Custom Value Aggregation.
  • Added Grid chart single option to clear pin property of all columns like clear thresholds, clear filters.
  • Removed - Funnel/ Pie alignment options for data labels.
  • Fixed - Charts rendering issue with MicroStrategy 10.9 version.
  • Fixed - Bubble chart, Dumbbell chart data labels alignment issue.
  • Fixed - Markers alignment issues when zoom is applied.
  • Fixed - Metric title displayed twice in the tooltip text.
  • Fixed - Color picker recent colors issue in thresholds.
  • Fixed - Value axis min and max not working issue.
  • Fixed - Threshold color for line starts from the first point position instead of axis tick position for the applied threshold condition.
  • Fixed - Dumbbell chart threshold marker rotation issue.
  • Fixed - Trellis data labels shows undefined in combined format.
  • Fixed - KPI animation chart not showing default colors in appearance tab.
  • ColorPicker: BugFix: Colorpicker showing black color in hex code box.
  • Fixed - Pie chart error when a slice is clicked and metric contains negative values.
  • Fixed - Heat map legend text alignment.
  • Fixed - Pie & Funnel chart when play by is enabled, legend text is not updated and displays “slice”.
  • Fixed - Histogram cumulative sum series data labels displays range instead of data points.
  • Fixed - license related issues when both maps and charts packages used together.
  • Fixed - property editor marker selection popup hide issues.
  • Fixed - Calendar HeatMap filter issues in MicroStrategy Desktop.
  • Fixed - Background image position when play axis is enabled and charts position displaced in documents.
  • Fixed - Trellis chart errors for null values.
  • Fixed - Trellis chart layout and data related issues.
  • Fixed - Micro chart: Saving grid theme state after applying fit to grid width.
  • Fixed - Grid chart: Fixed metrics not showing pin column property in hamburger if we apply group by attribute.
  • Fixed - Grid Chart: Fixed cell highlighting when we hit the expander.
  • Fixed - Grid chart Improvement: Removed the extra 'remove aggregation' option from metric column grouping menu.
  • Fixed - Grid/MicroChart: Fixed PopUps overlapping with other panels in the window.

Release 3.6

  • Added New Chart: Packed Bubble.
  • New Enhancements to color palette.
  • Added access control levels check for enabling property editor.
  • Added background image option to property editor for all charts.
  • Added new data labels formatting option in property editor “Display Format”.
  • New Enhancement: Waterfall usability improvement
  • Added dual axis and combination chart support for trellis chart
  • Bubble chart :In Scatter chart → Error in thresholds Markers, while play by is running.
  • Fixed - charts rendering issues in Microstrategy version 10.9.
  • Fixed - charts icons not visible in Microstrategy Library.
  • Changed numeric drop downs to text spinner and opacity input to slider.
  • Fixed cache clearing issue on VitaraCharts version update.
  • Fixed - Funnel chart is showing white space when play axis applied
  • Fixed - Waffle legend elements showing black color when number of elements exceeds the color palette length.
  • Fixed - KPI Ring chart is not showing center text.
  • Fixed - Mekko chart drop zones ‘Color by’ and ‘Category axis’ showing opposite results in the chart.
  • Fixed - Mekko chart error in last aggregated value
  • Fixed - Calendar HeatMap “Use As Filter” issues
  • Fixed - ColumnRange, Start and End value drop zones are accepting same metric.
  • Added support for dates in metric for Column Range chart.
  • Fixed - Mekko Chart not working when first attribute element has null value.
  • Added support for percentage data in thresholds, Word Cloud chart.
  • Added tooltip dropzone to Waffle chart
  • Added Grid /Micro row highlighting on cell click.
  • Fixed - Histogram rendering issues with dashboards and documents.
  • Fixed - Grid/Micro AutoSize state.
  • Fixed - Micro chart column width issues on expanding group.
  • Fixed - Grid chart custom column width state not saving issue.
  • Fixed - Grid/Micro charts column repositioning state issues.

Release 3.5

New Chart Types Histogram MicroCharts Dumbbell Thresholds Charts now have ‘Thresholds’ tab in property menu to apply threshold on series data . (‘Color Scales’ tab in property menu is removed and this functionality is handled in thresholds with more formatting options). Bar Chart Border property is added under appearance tab in property menu. Pie Chart Added support for formatting text at the center of the chart. Tornado Chart Added support for series by attribute with one metric and series by attribute with multiple metrics. CalHeatMap ‘Week in a Month’ layout is modified to grid form. ‘Day in a Year’ layout shows month separation. The layout is made much more compact. ‘Day in a Week’ layout option is removed. Trellis Header text can now be used as filter. Added support for each chart to have its own axis scale. (Instead of a shared one) Added support to control minimum width and height of charts. (Under trellis tab) SimpleKPI Label can be added to the chart. Markers can be added to the metric labels formatting options. ‘Threshold Metrics’ dropzone is added using which more metrics can be added that can be used to apply thresholds. GridChart Grand Totals now supported (when grouping is on and value aggregation is enabled). In value aggregation you can now use another column’s value aggregation to be shown. This enables complex custom subtotals to be created. When you use column grouping, thresholds are now applied only to the child rows and not to the group (value aggregation) rows. You can now export filtered rows (i.e if you apply a filter and then export, you will only see the filtered data in the export) Options to change row height, header font and data font now embedded in the properties editor (under theme selector) WordCloud Tooltips are now supported. Overall Enhancements Changed default color scales to be 5 in HeatMap, CalHeatMap and Grid charts. Data labels will be plotted (by default) using a contrast color to series color. Added support to select transparency for colors. More Markers types are supported and are shown in a popup window.

Release 3.0

New Chart Types: Waffle, Mekko, WordCloud Play Axis: Charts have a new ‘Play’ axis to automatically play the charts with varying values of a particular attribute Dual Axis & Combination charts: Ability for cartesian charts to have a second axis VI Dashboards : Now support drop zones so users can more intuitively drag and drop attributes and metrics in appropriate areas while building dashboards Data Labels: Now default to a shortened format. The user can choose to apply the format defined for the underlying metric in the property editor. Also introduced ability to enable data labels for only the min/max values. Better default fonts used for all Highcharts (axes labels and data labels)
Calendar HeatMap : Independently format header and datalabels. Better default color scheme

Release 3.8

Installation Guide Release Notes New : Support for attribute selectors (Use as filter) in report services documents.
New : Enabled attribute forms selection in VI for all charts (access options through drop zones context menu)
Improved: Bullet chart Plot bands can be defined based on metric aggregations, similar to bullet chart type in Vitara Micro Chart.
Improved : Performance improvements for several charts (especiallly in IE)
New : New threshold type - Gradient Thresholds.
New : Support for plotlines on vertical axis in bubble chart.
New : Grid chart/Micro Chart auto enable aggregations (including grand total) by default.
New : Grid/Micro chart Introduced an option to show or hide the number of children in a row group.
Improved : Better default axis line formatting
New : New aggregations min, max and x Percentile for waterfall metric options.
New : Option to disable axis label truncation in waterfall.
New : Additional marker support to waffle.
New : Threshold support for kpi animation chart.
New : Support for metric precision on axis labels for percentage formatting.
New : KPI Ring 'metric only' in data label format options.
New : Column Total option in axis min/max selection for stacked charts and histogram
New : Axis min/max values can be selected over metrics.
New : Zoom option in waterfall.
New : Grid chart Header Height and Word Wrap for Titles.
Improved : Error handling in property editor.
Fixed: Metric formatting when aggregation in applied (supports locale based formatting and condensed formatting)
Fixed : Disabled property editor in VI presentation mode.
Fixed: palette colors will switch to default on failed to parse user defined palette from ‘global.txt’.
Fixed: KPI RIng shows percentage as '__' when calculations result in Infinity.
Fixed: Improved performance in all charts specific to use as filter.
Fixed: Pie Chart - data label shows last mouse hovered slice label in all cases, which is an incorrect view when there is a selected slice.
Fixed: Tooltip not showing metrics in selected format in cal-heatmap.
Fixed: Waterfall end value aggregation on groupby.
Fixed: Condensed metric formatting support for IE.
Fixed: HeatMap & Cal-Heatmap condensed metric formatting for legend elements.
Fixed: Waffle performance.
Fixed: KPI Animation NaN displayed when metric has null value.
Fixed: Axis min/max and x percent not hidden when selected metric is removed.
Fixed: Dumbbell chart value axis formatting for percentage values.
Fixed: KPI Ring datalabels going behind the rings and tooltip blinking too many times.
Fixed: Mekko chart data labels showing undefined.
Fixed: Histogram showing error 'cannot read max value of undefined'.
Fixed: Thresholds in property editor value being shown as NaN when a string is entered.
Fixed: Trellis chart is moved to other chart when there are two instances of trellis.
Fixed: Stacked charts column total not working for stacked metrics.
Fixed: Histogram column total not working as desired when cumulative sum is enabled.
Fixed: Resizing window when property editor is opened, places the chart node above all other elements.
Fixed: Inconsistent Condensed Formatting.
Fixed: Waterfall Error when selection total in axis start end values.
Fixed: Cal-Heatmap Error when the attribute has null values.
Fixed: Color palette circle not showing completely.
Removed: y-axis min/max value selection in mekko and heatmap charts.
Fixed: Slope chart for coloring of the line not starting in between the points.
Fixed: Word cloud chart missing words issue.
Fixed: Micro chart grid theme body labels font size is not working.
Fixed: Grid chart header size was not scaling based on reload and font descenders clipping issue
Fixed: Grid chart ‘Count’ aggregation on percentage metrics.
Fixed: Grid chart when grid height is less than the context menu height set the top of the menu to align with grid
Fixed: Micro chart data labels.
Fixed: Grid chart unable to apply two filters on single metric.
Fixed: Grid chart handling of special characters in metric names
Fixed: Grid chart condensed metric formatting

Release 3.8.1

Updates in Release 3.8.1 (in addition to all changes introduced in 3.8) Install Guide

  • Invalid Character Error while saving changes with metric or attribute titles that contain double byte characters (hebrew, for instance).
  • waterfall enhancement: added option to auto compute start value in property editor,
  • waterfall enhancement: added percentage aggregation to axes start and end value.
  • Renamed axes start and end value metric aggregation field name from “Value” to “Operator” in all charts.
  • Renamed axes start and end value percentile field from “Percentile” to “Value” in all charts.
  • Grid Chart: Aggregated cells are showing undefined text where header names are in lowercase alphabet.
  • Grid Chart: Hamburger → Value Aggregation is showing previously applied groups even after removing them from visualization or renaming them to some other name.
  • Grid Chart: Grand total row is always showing sum even after applying some other aggregation.
  • Export to PDF of VitaraCharts from MicroStrategy Library generates an invalid license error.