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It's that time of year again!

Yes, MicroStrategy’s Annual User Conference is back with World 2024. Vitara is calling all the Dashboard Gurus to showcase their designs.
Announcing our annual MicroStrategy Dashboard Design competition with exciting prizes for winners

Participants can use a combination of VitaraCharts and MicroStrategy features to create compelling data stories that are also visually appealing.

Contest Rules

  1. Please include screenshots and MSTR files when you submit.

  2. By submitting you are permitting Vitara to use the screenshots and dashboards in their marketing efforts.

  3. Multiple submissions (of different dashboards) are allowed but each individual is only eligible for at most one prize.

  4. Team Size: Submissions can be done as an individual or in groups however the prize money will be awarded to the team as a whole.

Data & Design

Data sources: We have provided few sample datasets( Spotify, World Expenditure, F1 Drivers) which can be leveraged for the competition. This data can be augmented or alternatively you may choose any alternative data source as well. 

Trial key: We will provide a 90 day trial key for all contest participants. Email to request the trial key

Dashboards will need to contain
VitaraCharts elements and will be judged on aesthetics, usability, and usefulness

Deadline for Submission: 10th April 2024

The submissions need to be sent to before April 10th, 2024.

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