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VitaraCharts 5.2.2

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What's new

Enhancement: Grid chart: A custom editor was added to format cell data and headers. All the column formatting options are available in the new editor.

Enhancement: Grid chart: The UI of the following components is redesigned: Column grouping menu, Trendline options menu, and Custom marker menu.

Enhancement: The charts look is redesigned in Polar mode.

Enhancement: Sankey chart: Added options to set NodePadding, NodeWidth, and NodeOffsets in the editor menu.

Improvement: In the Slope chart, added the ability to adjust the line width.

Improvement: Added secondary delta options to IBCS Features in the Bar chart.

Improvement: Data labels need to be shown inside markers in the Slope chart and dumbbell chart.

Bug fix: Column chart: Data markers do not appear on the bars.Bug fix: The size of data markers changed after the upgrade to 5.1.3 from 4.5.5.

VitaraMaps 5.2

Download links

What's new

Issue with chart/plot background opactity fixed
Fixes with Web Library rendering
Issues with custom SVG layouts fixed

NOTE : A fix for the PDF export issue specific to MSTR version 2021 update 5 and newer is now available via patch 4.9.1. If you have already deployed 4.9.0, just upgrading the export engine to 4.9.1 should fix the problem

You can use the charts for free on Desktop. If you need a trial license for use on web, please contact

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