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VitaraCharts 5.2.6

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What's new

New Feature: Show aggregate and show top category options in bar and column charts.

New Feature: Bubble chart: Ability to draw plotlines at some angle from 0 axes.

New Feature: Play axis option to the stacked bar and stacked column charts.

New Feature: Series-based tooltips and data labels for bar, column, stacked bar/column, line, area, and tornado charts.

New Feature: Stacked Chart: Ability to re-order or reverse legend items.

New Feature: Reference Line feature in the KPI Ring chart.

Improvement: Calendar heatmap will display filtered cells only instead of the entire month; eliminate the gray cells.

Improvement: Bubble chart: In the bubble tab, we added an option to change the marker type for the entire chart.

Improvement: Bubble chart: In scatter chart mode, option to customize the size of the bubbles.

Bug fix: Vitara grid is not transparent despite setting it at the dossier level.

Bug fix: Grid Chart: When the threshold source and target are the same and applied specifically to the year it doesn’t get applied.

Bug fix: Bubble Chart shows an error when dropping any random attribute into the category axis.

Bug fix: Data labels are cut off in cases where values are closer to the visualization border.

Bug fix: Dumbbell chart: Ability to customize the percentage data labels.

Bug fix: Text Chart: Null attribute elements display the name of the macro.

Bug fix: IBCS error when the charts have outliers in relative variance.

Bug fix: Missing labels for KPI Ring and column Charts when upgraded from version 4.9.3


VitaraMaps 5.2

Download links

What's new

Issue with chart/plot background opactity fixed
Fixes with Web Library rendering
Issues with custom SVG layouts fixed

NOTE : A fix for the PDF export issue specific to MSTR version 2021 update 5 and newer is now available via patch 4.9.1. If you have already deployed 4.9.0, just upgrading the export engine to 4.9.1 should fix the problem

You can use the charts for free on Desktop. If you need a trial license for use on web, please contact

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